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A White House spokesperson revealed that US president, Donald Trump, has a new initiative to raise the $5.7bn he wants for his Mexican border wall. He will take part in a brand new game show called Where's My Wig? in which contestants will compete to find Donald Trump's...

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Notable quotable from another story

From Tourism booming in Venezuela: A Laughsend Special Report
"The majority of Venezuelans love him because he is a wonderful President...." - see story

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Tourism booming in Venezuela: A Laughsend Special Report

World Politics 3

Contrary to the right-wing propaganda that we have been fed, the South American Socialist Utopia of Venezuela has seen a massive influx of tourist...

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MP jailed in speeding case - "You ought to be hanged!" says judge.

UK News Politics 3

Labour MP for Outer Smeggleswick, Debs Dotamaya, 35, was jailed for three months for perverting the course of justice....

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