thumbnail for Blame news story Read story Rishi Sunak Saves the Day: Millionaire PM Spreads Generosity to Struggling Brits, Insists He's Definitely Not to Blame for Their Financial Woes!
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LONDON " In a heartwarming display of altruism, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has announced a plan to generously dole out crumbs to the nation's struggling masses, insisting that he, a millionaire banker-turned-politician, is in no way responsible...

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Breaking News: Social media to face-altering filter ban shakes up influencers everywhere

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In a move that has left Instagram models and vloggers alike reeling, social media sites have announced a ban on face-altering filters. In a statement...

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Local Diners Lose Their Minds Over New Buffet Concept

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In a world where every struggling restaurant is forced to reinvent itself, one eatery has turned to the most entertaining restaurant concept yet:

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In learning that the spleen is in permanent discombobulation by the ephineral mascurtium, Michael Foster seeks each week to discover and extract the leaves of several coniferous sproutings, that were once baked in the ovens at Windsor, to distil a brew so imbued with corrective assertion so as to remedy and eventually cause to repair the underlying disassociative object in question.



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