thumbnail for Becky news story Read story Riots erupt in Haiti over Trump's offensive remarks
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Donald Trump's recent controversial remarks about immigrants coming from so-called shithole countries have sparked violent riots in some of those same countries. Sadly though, it is innocent folks who have felt the brunt of it. In Port-au-Prince...

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From Riots erupt in Haiti over Trump's offensive remarks
"Not to mention enjoy the delicious indigenous cuisine that Haiti is famous for...." - see story

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Valentina Shevchenko to try out for Peruvian National Shooting team

World Sport 5

One of the most fearsome women on the planet is about to get even scarier. Two weeks after her lop-sided beat-down of the Brazilian Priscila Cachoeira,...

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If Oprah becomes President

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The 44 dollar bill would be printed with Barack Obama's face on...

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