thumbnail for english news story Read story English faculty member fired for telling English-speaking students to "Speak English".
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A professor of English at Duchess University has been fired for sending an email telling English-speaking students to "speak English". Professor Bridget Monahan, 32, said the email was directed to English-speaking students studying English but who failed to speak English....

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Notable quotable from another story

"..." - see story

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Punny History

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I have to admit that I love history. I always enjoy reading articles online about historical figures and I also bought a book on ancient Rome filled...

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Donald Trump's $5.7bn Wall Fund game show - Where's My Wig?

US News Politics 1

A White House spokesperson revealed that US president, Donald Trump, has a new initiative to raise the $5.7bn he wants for his Mexican border wall...

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Episodic calamity with attractive actors fighting aliens and any other sci-fi staples we can throw in there, only to continually win in the last few minutes.



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