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Local Werewolf community outraged at heavy metal fans

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A recent study has found that listening to heavy metal music can turn you into a werewolf. This has caused an uproar in the werewolf community, with many feeling offended and misunderstood.

"It's just ridiculous," said local werewolf, Gary Clawson. "I've been a werewolf for years and not once did it have anything to do with my love of heavy metal music."

Despite Clawson's objections, many members of the public are taking caution and actively avoiding listening to heavy metal music for fear of becoming a werewolf.

"I used to love listening to Metallica, but now I'm scared I'll start growing hair all over my body," said one concerned citizen.

Heavy metal artists have also been quick to defend their genre from these new accusations.

"Metal music is all about freedom and being yourself," said Ozzy Osbourne. "But if you do happen to grow a tail and start howling at the moon, that's just an added bonus."

The study has caused many to question their musical preferences and has led to some unexpected reactions.

"I never thought twice about listening to Iron Maiden before, but now I'm seriously considering becoming a vampire instead," said one confused fan.

As the controversy continues, the werewolf community is hoping to set the record straight and rid themselves of these false accusations.

"We're just regular people who happen to turn into wolves once a month," said Clawson. "And that has nothing to do with heavy metal music."

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