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Early Brexit polls suggest people are engaged and believe strongly in the effect their vote will have

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The upcoming June 23rd poll for deciding whether the UK will remain as part of the European Union has engaged voters like no other vote from the past century. Pollsters have declared the public's appetite for the vote to be the highest they've ever seen, aided by political roister-doistering from the likes of Prime Minister David Cameron, and the shaggy prince figure of Boris Johnson.

Early Brexit polls have shown that the electorate are more engaged, and believe very deeply in the effect that their vote will have. Dave Thomas told us:

"For the first time in forever - sorry, I've been watching a lot of Frozen - I believe that my vote will have a direct influence on how we all fare in the days, weeks, months and years following on from whatever decision it is that the country makes. My personal view is that we should exit Europe because I like Boris Johnson's general appearance."

Many armchair critics have also hailed the promotion of both sides of the argument, suggesting that the approach to persuading the general public has been fair and interesting. Mr Thomas claimed that it had been the advertisements and junk mail through his door that really strongly engaged him on the subject.

"I wasn't really planning on voting at all. Europe? The only thing Europe's been good for in the last thirty years is The Final Countdown. But when I got the tens of pamphlets through they really spoke to my heart. Now I love debating European policy, and I've become quite knowledgeable about it."

Suggestions that Prime Minister Cameron is spinning in his grave have been dismissed as nonsensical.

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#1 @ 7 years ago
by front string - Quiet veteran

Slow clap. Sure, why not.

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#2 @ 7 years ago
by earth-heat - Quiet veteran

front string wrote

Slow clap. Sure, why not.

Edited: sorry, wrong post! There's no way this could be true. :)

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