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Donald Trump agrees to hold white history month if elected.

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Dear Donald Trump,

I has a problem. In my country I don’t get the love and respect that I deserve. I is put down every day because my skin is white. I walk outside and see all these signs promoting so many colored people. What is so good about these colored people, the only things they do is bad. We have come to a point where we have to make everybody feel equal. I know that ain’t what I was thinking equal was. What the hell is equal anyway? Why should someone that is below me in every way be equal to myself? I Don’t want anyone to answer any of those questions, especially if they ain’t white. Someone has to come out and say what we all been thinking, white people is the most important of all in the United States. I don’t care if they call me a racist or whatever. I will not change my beliefs based on no feelings.

You says you gonna build a wall on mexico. You is going to even make mexico pay for it which is so smart. They is going to be so scared that thing will be built in no time. I can’t wait till you stops these no good people from coming into my country. My country should be ran by whites only, when we let the blacks and the other immigrants run everything we is taking away jobs from our people. I’m sick and tired of god damn blacks calling me a racist. Just cause they steal and I trys to keep myself away from them so they don’t steal any of my things that I worked real hard for. You knows what I think we should do, we should have a white history month. And right after we put that into place we is going to get rid of those other no good months. There was a reason we made the black’s month in feburary. That’s right we made it then because it has less days than all other months. Just like we has less respect for them. We should also get rid of the rights that the black’s have to form groups. I agree with you that blacks lives matter is just trouble. What about white lives do we mean nothing. I thinks that we means a whole lot more than them.

I say that we does things a little differently in this month. First we’s going to have a big ceremony that only white’s can attend. Then we’s going to make some of our bars white only so that we can have some peace from all these colored folk. Since we have so many colored folk that will just be lurking around in the streets we is going to take some for the month and put them to work. We better make them somehow useful. Most of them will be doing hard labor without pay of course. Maybe you can take a few thousand to build your wall. That would save us so much money. But we will make sure we lock up all valuable things around, because they steal. We will use the leftovers for many different things. Most will be used for target practice down at the local range, we will gets a lot better aim if we are practicing on moving targets. The ones that survive the target ranges will haul the bodies of their friends out so that burden isn’t placed on us.

Speaking of aims, I is also very excited about your ideas with the concealed carry. I is so excited to go down to the local store and get me a gun. I need that to make sure I am safe and you is helping me do that. Maybe I can use it to point at my help if they is going to slow. That would sure speed them up wouldn’t it. I also need the gun to go to the grocery store. You never know when one of them homeless people is gonna run out and try to steal my wifes purse. Who needs to chase the robber when you can just shoot him dead.

I know you hate the Muslim’s also Mr. Trump so I have came up with the perfect plan to get rid of them. First we will find all of them that we can and then we will bring them to a big locked place to where we can offer a fee to go in and kill how many you want too. This money can be put towards taxes and that will make us rich again. We can also maybe take side monies to just stuff in our pockets so we pay less taxes. I know this is a very good idea and since I told you it, I would likes to hunt for free every year. I also want to recieve a mount of the left hand of everyone I kill. That will be so much fun for everyone. I will place my new mounts above my fireplace and think of the fun I had every day. If you is wondering why I chose the left hand is because hopefully they will have nice wedding rings so it adds little bling to my mantle.

So please Mr. Trump keep up all your good work. Hopefully we can put you into the white house one day and you can make all of my dreams come true. I is going to tell all of my friends and family to make sure that they vote for you. Without their votes maybe you wouldn’t get to be president. That would make me so sad.


A Concerned Citisen

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#1 @ 7 years ago
by Toys Kangaroo333 - Ghost

steal your ideas much? who really wrote this - someone with chunks missing from their head?

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