Romantic Pisces love horoscope


Birth date: 19 February - 20 March

Waiting for your loved one to come to you could be a big mistake. This is especially true for at least one person today, whose loved one happens to drive a very large bus and will suddenly lose the ability to brake whilst driving straight towards your house.

The simple things in life will return to haunt you this week as you begin to mourn your unhappiness and take it out on others. Alienating yourself from your friends and family will harm your chances of them wanting to help you in your quest for happiness. And totally stuff up your chances of getting anything good as a birthday present. Think of the presents - it may help you get through their constant grinding regarding your marital status.

Less than a year will go by before you realise that the love you are currently experiencing is unlikely to ever be shared by your idol. However, they will break their toe in a skiing accident, so all is not lost.

Charity begins at home. So when you get home remember to give something to your loved one that is unexpected and rude. When questioned you can be armed with the ready response "Charity begins at home..." and so on.

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