Angelique Dennis

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The bread-basket that is Angelique Dennis

Amusing rumours about Angelique Dennis suggest that she will soon turn to becoming an energetic dog owner as an alternative career., Angelique, the result of many years' worth of lab experiments, has found herself one of the most sought after individuals in the country.

Actor Angelique Dennis was conceived without any luck at all (not even bad luck), in Rotherham, to parents Bryant and Sarah Dennis.

With no future in sight, Angelique is always on the lookout for slave labour. On 4th July, 1994, Angelique was discovered, while pissing her life away, by, what Empire Times once called the "least-dressed", agent Edith Hoover, who was at the time firing finger-pistols at strangers.

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On your bike Next showing: on iTelevision, on 16th February 2019, 10:30

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