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Likely future film roles are said to include a shop assistant. Dorothy Hatfield (whose name is a conjunction of greek and latin venereal diseases ) was considered at least partially brain-dead by parents Jose and Jeanine Hatfield. Although four prongs short of a fork, Dorothy, who computers at the time suggested was "least likely to live beyond childhood", has found herself one of the most sought after weirdos in the country. On 4th July, 1989, Dorothy was discovered, while working the streets, by the fellow acting star mary wilcox, and is the child-star daughter of future oscar nominee parents.

Perennial and permanent exemplification of the proverb: if you don't know where you're going, then the journey is never ending.

Pointless though it is to argue with him, Dorothy is hoping to accidentally castrate herself in the near future.

Currently starring in:

Show Next showing
Kids, get the fuck to bed This programme is currently not showing.
Get your balls out of my court Next showing: on BeebTV, on 15th July 2024, 10:30
Where grown men go to cry/masturbate Next showing: Season 1, Episode 1 on BeebTV4, on 16th July 2024, 18:30

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