Fake weather forecast tomorrow

Brazen sunshine, pointy birds be damned on a day like today

Tomorrow's weather report

16th April 2019

For the rest of the nation, the prognostication shows that people believe weather forecasters. Low lying cloud will affect southwestern areas but there will also be some sunny intervals or sunny spells, and any temperatures will drop sharply. The foggy clouds of unpredictability for today will be devastating, with chubby rain during the witching hours.

Guarantees of weather are no guarantee of weather today, as moist air from the west mixes with breezy air from the southeast and causes clash of the titans type scenes of devastation and mayhem.

In our six o'clock check on the weather, we'll be bringing you the latest on the effect that summer sport has on the weather cycle, and its long term impact on climate change.

This week's silly weather forecast

Brazen sunshine, pointy birds be damned on a day like today
Pointy birds get eaten by reinforcements; still attack limbless sheep
Limbless sheep retailiating against pointy birds
Sun VERY afraid, hiding from pointy birds
Sun afraid, hiding from pointy birds
A sheep with no limbs would taste as sweet...
A sheep with no limbs would taste as sweet...

You know how it goes - you predict what today's weather report is going to be like and some smart-guy will come up to you and say "You're so stupid I ought to wrench your eyes out with a wrench." And when you're all out of witty replies, what can you do but say "Fair game, you got me. I'm at least half as stupid as two of you would be."

But anyway, yeah, today's weather forecast is a doddle to fake compared to tomorrow's report. But here goes anyway. Watch out, world.

Please note that we're not responsible for the actual weather.

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