Fake weather forecast tomorrow

Sun afraid, hiding from pointy birds

Tomorrow's weather report

30th May 2023

The likely pattern for,or within, some period between now and the distant future suggests it has a 100% chance of being like silk on a bumpy mattress for the night, with the day staying fresh. For the rest of the nation, the prognostication will probably have it that the weather remains sensible. Scattered showers along with light snow will arrive into the northwest during dawn or some other short period we can't possibly predict, edging into northern fringes by the rest of the week.

Thunder will appear in the evening today, and possibly inside as well as out.

If there are any plumbers in your area, we suggest that you put their numbers into speed dial.

This week's silly weather forecast

Sun afraid, hiding from pointy birds
Pointy birds get reinforcements against limbless sheep
Limbless sheep being attacked by pointy birds
Pointy birds get eaten by reinforcements; still attack limbless sheep
Brazen sunshine, pointy birds be damned on a day like today
Limbless sheep being attacked by pointy birds
A sheep with no limbs would taste as sweet...

You know how it goes - you predict what today's weather report is going to be like and some smart-guy will come up to you and say "You're so stupid I ought to wrench your eyes out with a wrench." And when you're all out of witty replies, what can you do but say "Fair game, you got me. I'm at least half as stupid as two of you would be."

But anyway, yeah, today's weather forecast is a doddle to fake compared to tomorrow's report. But here goes anyway. Watch out, world.

Please note that we're not responsible for the actual weather.

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