Who we are

Laughsend is based in the UK, and has been running ever since 3 university friends decided that the idea they had for some sort of online social "book for faces" was slightly less interesting than creating a magazine for "send-ups" and parody. This online satire career began with a website called "There's No Place Like Home" - a four story (or thereabouts) online-newsletter which was almost mildly funny. From there Laughsend.co.uk was born - a version of this type of website but with far less sophistication and drama.

Then came TheSpoof.com, which continues to be ably run and developed by the same family.

Laughsend.com sprang from many desires.

Firstly, and mainly, we wanted to create a good looking joke stories, spoof news and political satire repository. A collection of the best satire and humor - in a format that's both pleasing to the eye and actually useful as a tool for seeking funny stories and comedy.

Our hope is that, in time, Laughsend can begin competing with some of the bigger sites out there who trade in the same stock as we do, but have pumped more time and resources into their endeavours. It will take time, but for a website that's been around since about 2002, we're sure we can do it.

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