Funny definitions of medical terms and dicitionary

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This is a funny A-Z list of medical terminology that  has been translated by a) blonde, b) fool c) clever joke teller

  • Anti-Body against everyone.
  • Artery study of paintings.
  • Bacteria back door to a cafeteria.
  • Barium what to do when treatment fails.
  • Bowel letters like A E I O or U.
  • Caesarean Section a district in Rome.
  • Cardiology advanced study of poker playing.
  • Cat Scan searching for ones lost kitty.
  • Cauterize made eye contact with her.
  • Colic sheep dog.
  • Coma punctuation mark.
  • Congenital friendly D C where Washington is.
  • Dilate to live long.
  • Enema not a friend.
  • Fester quicker.
  • Genes blue denim slacks.
  • Genital non-Jewish.
  • Hangnail coat hook.
  • Hemorrhoid a male from outer space.
  • Herpes what women do in the Ladies Room.
  • Hormones what a prostitute does when she doesn't get paid.
  • Impotent distinguished, well known.
  • Inpatient tired of waiting.
  • Labor Pain hurt at work.
  • Medical Staff a doctor's cane.
  • Minor Operation coal digging.
  • Morbid a higher bid.
  • Nitrate cheaper than the Day Rate
  • Node was aware of.
  • Organic organ repairman.
  • Outpatient a person who has fainted.
  • Paralyze Two far-fetched stories.
  • Paramedics Twin medicos.
  • Pharmacist person who makes a living dealing in agriculture.
  • Post-Operative letter carrier.
  • Protein In favor of young people.
  • Recovery Room place to upholster furniture.
  • Rectum what happened to the Corvette.
  • Rheumatic amorous.
  • Saline where you go on your boyfriend's boat.
  • Secretion hiding something.
  • Tablet a small table.
  • Terminal Illness getting sick at the airport.
  • Tibia country in North Africa.
  • Tumor an extra pair.
  • Urine opposite of You're Out.
  • Varicose nearby.
  • Vein conceited.

Given Time, by Paul London Given Time, by Paul London

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Given Time, by Paul London

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