School Uniforms And School Dress Code Jokes

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The teacher told one of the bad dressers in our class to do something about his shirt tail hanging out.

So he took off his pants.

It's hard to describe the clothing this one classmate of mine wears,

but if you saw it running across your kitchen floor, your father would hit it with a broom

TEACHER: I think you have your shoes on the wrong feet.

PUPIL: No I don't, teacher. These are the only feet I have.

This one kid in our class is really proud of the way he looks.

He invited himself to the Spring Dance.

One kid in our class wears the best of everything.

Even in gym class he has designer sweat.

One girl is very neat.

She gives her clothes away to the needy when they get wrinkled.

One girl in our class is a nut about neatness.

Her blouse got a food stain on it one day at lunch. She took it out and shot it.

Given Time, by Paul London Given Time, by Paul London

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Given Time, by Paul London

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