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Comment from: Bolt breaks down in tears following shocking World Championships 100M final loss

#2 @ 2 years ago
by jeffrey archer - Ghost

edited: sorry, doubtful post! ooops, doubtful post!

3 comments, registered 3 years ago

Comment from: Spain to include lyrics to National Anthem

#1 @ 2 years ago
by jeffrey archer - Ghost

absolutely spot on. i want this printed on a mug.

3 comments, registered 3 years ago

Comment from: Jamaican Government planning to ask Oxford University Press to include the word "Usain" in the dictionary as a synonym for the adjective fast

#3 @ 2 years ago
by jeffrey archer - Ghost

carriage-power wrote

wax-bear wrote

That's what she said. I've laughed, I've cried, 've lived... and I've died. But this still beats all those experiences.

sure, why not. i doubt this is accurate.

i don't understand. i just don't like this kind of item, and it very much bugs me that everyone else thinks it's ok. :(

3 comments, registered 3 years ago

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