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All-female gang in Germany targeting male migrants

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German Police are investigating reports of an all-female gang who are going around the city of Cologne specifically targeting male migrants of Middle Eastern and North African backgrounds for robbery and assault. The gang, which comprises of only young females of Euro-German heritage who appear to be in their late teens and early twenties and who are all blonde and blue-eyed, would typically send out one of their colleagues to pose as a prostitute and lure their unsuspecting victims to a car and and they would drive to a place where he thinks they would engage in sex acts. When they enter the car, two other women who are hiding in the back seat, point knives to his neck and rob him of his money and valuables.

On one occasion the victim was robbed, stripped naked and stabbed in the thigh. One of the gang-members told him that it was "payback for what third world savages like you have been doing to our Euro-German sisters" and that he and people who look like him were "parasites".

Speaking at a press conference today following the latest attack, Cologne Police Chief Wolfgang Moeller had this to say:

"These atrocious acts that are being committed by those savage women against those innocent migrants who have come here for a better life will not be tolerated and when they are caught they will feel the full brunt of the law."

Even Chancellor Merkel weighed in on the acts of criminality when she addressed the Bundestag today, saying:

"Those despicable crimes committed by those young women are the worst news that I have heard in very long time. I sincerely hope that the Police find those criminals quickly so that they can be prosecuted. Apparently they want Germany to return to its Nazi past. But they must realize that this is the new Germany - a country this is now multicultural and multiracial."

She concluded:

"But if there are any Germans in this country who don't like living in the new Germany that I am trying to create, they are free to leave and frankly speaking they will not be missed."


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