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Famke Janssen admits to marijuana use

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Dutch Actress Famke Janssen has confessed to smoking marijuana on a daily basis. In an interview with the tabloid Celeb Weekly, the Taken star admitted that she smokes it "every day". Asked if she has ever taken any drugs, Janssen was hesitant to admit it at first, but finally came clean:

“I do in fact smoke marijuana or cannabis as it is called in my native Netherlands. It’s part of the Dutch culture; just like legal prostitution and it is perfectly acceptable. But here in the United States everyone makes a big deal about it. I have to admit too that I smoke at least two cannabis joints every day. Personally I don’t see anything wrong with it. In Amstelveen where I grew up, my friends and I would have cannabis parties every weekend where we would just go to a bar and just smoke the stuff for hours. No drinks. No food. Just cannabis. It was real fun. When I was done I felt like I was flying high in the sky.”

Questioned further if she thinks that such an admission would tarnish her reputation, make people see her in a negative light, prevent her from getting roles in movies and ultimately damage her health, the former Bond girl of Golden Eye fame replied:

“Of course not. I have been smoking it since my teens and it has never affected me negatively in any way whatsoever. If that was the case I would not have become a successful actress. What about those other celebrities who were notorious for getting arrested for drunk driving? Hmmm does one Mel Gibson ring a bell? What about Robert Downey Jr. and his drug and alcohol problems in the past which threatened to ruin his career? Didn’t both of them recover from their problems and went on to continue being successful? What about a famous Olympic Great by the name of Michael Phelps? They all seem pretty healthy to me. So you see, those are some fine examples of celebrities who have managed to continue having successful careers despite their problems with drugs and alcohol use.”

Janssen, 52, who is probably most famous for playing Dr. Jean Grey in the X-Men movies, concluded the interview by saying:

“I guess one can say in that regard, I am in great company.”

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#1 @ 6 years ago
by AntsBarracuda - Quiet veteran

I've laughed, I've cried, I've lived... and I've died. But this still beats all those experiences. I love this. :)

12 comments, registered 9 years ago

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