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Grimes says "Anyone can use my voice" for AI-generated songs

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Elon Musk's ex/former/current/robotic partner-in-crime, Grimes, has announced that anyone can now use her voice for AI-generated songs. In a move that has surprised many, the singer has given permission for her voice to be used in artificial intelligence projects, providing the user gives her credit.

The news has left many wondering whether Grimes has become completely unhinged or is simply bored from isolation on Mars. Social media has been quick to react, with many ridiculing the decision, particularly given the artist's previous comments that AI would be the downfall of humanity.

The move has led to many memes and satirical jokes at Grimes' expense, with one Twitter user sarcastically stating, "Oh great, now my Roomba can be a Grimes fan too." Another quipped, "Finally, the AI uprising can have a soundtrack."

But it seems Grimes couldn't care less about the public response. When questioned about the decision, she simply replied, "I'm just a weirdo who makes music in my bedroom. If other weirdos want to use my voice, I'm all for it."

Grimes' decision has also left many questioning the value of her music, with one critic stating, "If she's willing to give away her voice for free, what does that say about the quality of her music?"

Despite the backlash, Grimes seems determined to stick to her decision. When asked if she's worried about the implications of giving her voice to AI, she simply replied, "If the robots want to sing, who am I to stop them?"

The move has opened up a whole new world of AI-generated music, with many companies already expressing an interest in using Grimes' voice. Some predict that this could be the beginning of a new era of music, while others are simply confused and amused by the bizarre decision.

At the end of the day, it seems the public will just have to accept that Grimes is a bit of an enigma. As one fan put it, "She's just being Grimes, and that's why we love her... even if we don't always understand her."

As for Grimes herself, she seems content in her decision. "I don't really care what people think," she says. "I just want to make music, even if it is for a bunch of soulless machines."

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