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In the USA only heterosexual whites are capable of committing hate crimes.

Blacks cannot be racist regardless of what they do or say.

Illegal Mexican immigrants work harder than everyone else.

If an organization has only whites it needs to be more diverse.

If an organization has only blacks or latinos it's quite okay.

It's quite acceptable to wave the Mexican flag at political rallies in the USA.

It's racist however if you came to the USA illegally from Mexico and the US Government decides to send you back for breaking the law.

The most commonly spoken language in France is Arabic.

Angela Merkel has made Germany a safer country to live in.

Cuba is a better country to live in than the USA because it has a great public health care system.

The crisis in Venezuela has nothing to do with incompetence on the part of Nicolas Maduro and his Government. It's the fault of the Opposition.

Iggy Azalea is a notorious Cultural Appropriator.

The View is the best show on television.

Everyone initially thought that Katy Perry was Steve Perry's daughter.

Cristiano Ronaldo believes that he is better that Lionel Messi.

Maria Sharapova is jealous of Serena Williams.

Russia is going to embarrass itself at the World Cup this summer.

Mexicans are glad that the USA didn't qualify for the World Cup.

Brazil is anxious to meet Germany again in the World Cup this summer to avenge the 7-1 mauling from four years ago.

Diego Maradona doesn't want Messi to win the World Cup because if that happens the latter will eclipse him as Argentina's greatest player.


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by Raymond E Feist1993 - Ghost

How some biscuit crumbs did it take to write this bad? :(.

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