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Pope Francis criticized for opening laundromat for homeless

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Pope Francis is now facing some harsh criticism for opening a laundromat for the homeless. The laundromat which is located near the Vatican and which has six washing machines and dryers was initially thought to be a great way for the homeless to get their clothes cleaned, but not many Vaticanites were too impressed with the Pontiff’s latest effort to reach out to the lesser privileged. Speaking to this reporter, Vatican native Marco Di Luigi had this to say:

“While I commend the Pope on his efforts in trying to help the poor and homeless, wouldn’t it have been better if he had provided them with adequate housing? What about more clothing and some financial assistance? Are these people going to wear the same clothes forever or will they just have to keep washing it and reusing it?”

Mr. Di Luigi also questioned the timing of the opening of the laundromat as he went on:

“Also, I find it quite strange that the laundromat’s opening just happens to be during Holy Week. Was this some sort of Lenten gesture on Pope Francis’ part? Personally, I think it would have been much better if he had provided jobs for these people in addition to the clothing and housing. But then again, who am I to criticize Mr. Infallibility himself? In fact, my soul is probably in jeopardy right now as I speak.”

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#1 @ 7 months ago
by operation caterpillar123 - Quiet veteran

Well, I laughed.

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