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Radical Jew detained in Saudi Arabia in terrorist plot

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The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has said it has detained a Radical Jew in a plot to blow up the King Fahd International Airport. Speaking to reporters after the man was held and detained for having some suspicious chemicals in his luggage, Head of the Saudi Anti-terrorism Unit, Abdullah al-Rahman, speaking to The Riyadh Daily after the man who said that he belonged to the Israeli terrorist group The Zionist Brigade, confessed to his intentions after initially telling Saudi customs officials that he was Egyptian and even carried a fake Egyptian passport, had this to say:

“One of my agents saw the man acting suspiciously and said to me that his accent doesn’t sound Egyptian. I suggested that we give him something in Arabic to read. When we asked him to read a simple sign ahead which simply said: “This way left” in Arabic and he was unable to do it, it was then that I realized that he was not an Egyptian and that his name wasn’t really Fazal al Ahmed and that his passport was a fake. But it was when we were going through his luggage that we noticed a two litre-bottle of drain cleaner and a two litre-bottle of bleach which further aroused our fears. Under interrogation he admitted his true intentions of wanting to blow up the airport and causing chaos and destruction in the Kingdom in furtherance of the Zionist cause and his ties to the Israeli terrorist group The Zionist Brigade. He even said that his real name was Elad Ben Shalom, which is somewhat ironic because “Shalom” means “peace” in Hebrew.”

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