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Riots erupt in Haiti over Trump's offensive remarks

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Donald Trump's recent controversial remarks about immigrants coming from so-called shithole countries have sparked violent riots in some of those same countries. Sadly though, it is innocent folks who have felt the brunt of it. In Port-au-Prince an angry mob of about patriot and passionate Haitians ran through the streets shouting: "We are not a shithole country. We are not a shithole country. We are a new world Utopia. Trump is a racist bigot." As they did so they broke the glass door of the Port-au-Prince Mall which is a very popular tourist attraction in the city. Many tourists from Europe and the USA who were white were savagely attacked, beaten and robbed. An elderly American tourist who was a victim of the mob and who only wanted to be identified as John, speaking from his bed at the Port-au-Prince Hospital said this:

"I had only arrived in the country a day ago and I was staying at the beautiful five-star Toussaint L'Ouverture Hotel with my wife Becky and we were so anxious to take in the sights and sounds of this wonderful country and do some shopping. Not to mention enjoy the delicious indigenous cuisine that Haiti is famous for. We saw the Port-au-Prince Mall and the travel guide said that is a very popular tourist spot. So we decided to check out the mall. I must say that it has to be the most beautiful mall that I have ever been to."

He continued:

"Our joy was short-lived though as the next thing I heard was glass breaking and the loud chants of a group of people shouting: "We are not a shithole country. We are not a shithole country. We are a new world Utopia. Trump is a racist bigot." The next thing you know white tourists like me were being savagely attacked and beaten. I saw a young white woman who appeared to be French pushed to the ground and her hoop earrings were ripped from her ears. She screamed in pain. Her ears bled. But no one came to her assistance. Her camera, mobile phone and bags were stolen. They then turned their attention to Becky and I. "Look! More honkey targets." They said. "

John went on:

"Let's see if Trump can help you white devils now." One of them said. The next thing you know the whole mob descended upon us. They pushed Becky to the ground and stole her hand bag that had our money in it. But it was apparent that I was the main target. About ten men attacked me at once. I was punched and kicked repeatedly and my cell phone and gold watch was stolen. I was left a bloody mess. Eventually when they were finished running amok and they left, I could see Becky crying uncontrollably. She eventually got help from the mall security who called the police and the ambulance from his cell phone. He was very comforting towards us. We waited like ten minutes for them to arrive. I was surprised to see that they arrived almost simultaneously. The security explained what happened to both the police and the paramedics. Even though I was in a lot of pain and bleeding, the paramedics were very gentle on me. When I arrived at the Port-au-Prince General Hospital I was given medical attention immediately. The doctors and nurses were really nice. Haiti does have a world class health care system. I was placed in a room all to myself where the kind doctors and nurses made sure that I got the best medical attention possible. It even had a TV. Even Becky was provided with a bed so she can stay with me. And as you can see, Becky hasn't left my side. The food that I am served in here is quite delicious. It's like I am staying in an alternative five star hotel. Just imagine I had beef steak and potatoes for breakfast this morning."

Asked if this incident would deter him from visiting Haiti in the future, John replied:

"Oh come on. Of course not. That was just a one-off incident and an emotional reaction to what our racist bigoted President said about a whole country. I wonder how Trump knows that Haiti is a so-called shithole country. Has he ever been here? If Trump wants to talk about shitholes maybe he should think again and start keeping his mouth permanently closed because every time he opens it he says something nasty and disgusting."

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