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Tourism booming in Venezuela: A Laughsend Special Report

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Contrary to the right-wing propaganda that we have been fed, the South American Socialist Utopia of Venezuela has seen a massive influx of tourist arrivals from all over the world. Hoteliers and restaurateurs are elated because business is booming. One Caracas hotelier who chose to be identified only by his first name Jorge had this to say:

"Business is booming. Tourists from all over the world are coming here to have fun, for relaxation, recreation, to take in the lovely sights and sounds, to sample the wonderful local cuisine and to shop."

One tour guide who chose not to be identified said:

"Don't be fooled by what you see on right-wing American television stations like FOX News about perceived political and economic turmoil in the country. It's lies. It's all lies. Only a small fraction of the population dislike Maduro. The majority of Venezuelans love him because he is a wonderful President. Juan Guaido is an absolute liar and a stooge of the evil gringo Donald Trump. All he wants is power and to squander our country's massive oil wealth."

A restaurateur going by the name Antonia Maldonado told this reporter:

"Those evil Americans led by their tyrannical dictator Donald Trump and their propaganda so-called news channels only want to paint a grim picture of Venezuela and our beloved democratically-elected President Nicolas Maduro. They want to make it seem like he is this evil, tyrannical despot who wants to oppress his people. They are just angry that he is friendly with the Russians and the Chinese and doesn't want to give in to evil American imperialism. But as you can see, thanks to Maduro's policies, Venezuela is doing great."

An American tourist named Jenny Adams who was shopping in the popular El Recreo mall shared some of her thoughts:

"This is one of the best malls that I have ever visited. Comparable to any mall in the U.S. It's big and spacious and there is a wide range of goods to choose from in all the top name authentic brands. I just bought a beautiful Versace handbag and it didn't cost me much. They even accept U.S. currency."

She concluded:

"I'll definitely be coming back next year."

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#1 @ 4 years ago
by Vicu Burn7 - One-off wonder

i want someone to brand the author's 3 with the word 'nipple' as punishment for this. :(

1 comment, registered 6 years ago
#2 @ 4 years ago
by neal-mora-livingston - One-off wonder

Now listen here you little wankers... how weird. :)

1 comment, registered 8 years ago
#3 @ 4 years ago
by Toad_Icicle1990 - One-off wonder

Nice wrk, funny type person. Ha!

1 comment, registered 5 years ago

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