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UN agrees to creation of Christmas 2

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All 193 sovereign state members of the UN have today ratified the creation of a second Christmas. Though the name for the newly created world-wide holiday has yet to be agreed, most western countries have so far dubbed the holiday Christmas 2, in homage to the popular movie, Die Hard 2.

The vote was in doubt earlier in the week when various non-Christian countries threatened to veto the creation of the new holiday. However, round-the-clock talks with various representatives from the few dissenting middle eastern and eastern countries removed the stalemate. Experts have suggested that they were mollified with talk of creating a new mythical figure to go along with the holiday, and potential placing the home of that figure in one of those countries - with the strongest contenders being Afghan Santa, and jolly old Kim Jong Xmas.

"The creation of this holiday is great for everyone," claimed UN spokesperson Jonny Forinner. "Think of what it will mean for all those factories pumping out toy after toy; the greetings card manufacturers; Turkey farmers. They're going to love it. Oh, and children probably, too. But we haven't really thought that far ahead, yet."

Meanwhile, several petition websites have been inundated with polls denouncing the move. Several angry purple haired ladies and gents we spoke to said that they thought the whole thing was a scam and a sham.

"It is a scam and a sham," agreed Purple Haired man Clive Tomkinson-Jones. "This is all a creation of big-pharma, or something like that. It's exploitative, several whales have died already because of it, and I'm - frankly - I'm exhausted. I think I don't get enough protein."

Christmas 2 is due for release some time in the next decade.

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#1 @ 5 years ago
by Arnold Dunn296 - Ghost


2 comments, registered 7 years ago
#2 @ 5 years ago
by front string - Quiet veteran

Snore. :(.

36 comments, registered 9 years ago
#3 @ 5 years ago
by slave_bears - Quiet veteran

front string wrote

Snore. :(.

Fine. * shrugs *.

17 comments, registered 8 years ago
#4 @ 5 years ago
by terminator7 - One-off wonder

slave_bears wrote

front string wrote

Snore. :(.

Fine. * shrugs *.

This kind of nonsense makes me want to tattoo my 3 with a long dead rodent.

1 comment, registered 6 years ago

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