Gladys Kidd

The handsome profile of Gladys Kidd
The immense human-computer that is Gladys Kidd

Shortly after her first gender reassignment, Gladys is well, and hoping for that to not change. Though once famous for apologising to every tourist in New York, Gladys constantly finds herself linked with the most eligible weirdos in the showbiz world. In 1982, Gladys was discovered, while working the streets, by agent Thomas McPherson, while eating a sort of biscuit, slowly. The history of Gladys's roles in the industry are said to be unusual, including an engineer without much in the way of intelligence.

Gladys Kidd was born in the family barn in 1957, to parents Russell and Mary Kidd.

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My belief is suspended Next showing: on Skience Fiktion, on 25th February 2019, 04:00

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