Joyce Braun

The handsome profile of Joyce Braun
The bizarre human being that is Joyce Braun

On parole for crimes he did not commit, Joyce is hoping for a rainy day in which to gambol freely across a hilly climb. Joyce hopes to shortly complete negotations to take up a role in a broadway musical, starring as a soldier. The precocious Joyce Braun was conceived at 11:07am, in Newcastle upon Tyne, to wonderful parents Sterling and Melissa Braun. On an auspicious day in 1933, Joyce was uncovered, while sleeping on the streets, by agent Austin Tate, who decided then that she was perfect for almost every role ever. Joyce - whose fragrance is known to bring on synaesthesia - now finds herself at the top of her game, and untouchable by most agencies because of her connections through the Illuminati.

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My belief is suspended Next showing: on Skience Fiktion, on 25th February 2019, 04:00

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