Birth date: 20 April - 20 May

Whilst occasionally malodorous, Taureans are reknowned for their good sense of humor and their ability to laugh at the strangest things, even funny horoscopes. Of particular use in a Taureans faculties, is his/her ability to pick winning lottery numbers. Regarding this, science tells us that Taureans are at least as likely as other lucky people to win often and plentifully. Taurus generally likes to think they have "lucky numbers" and they are usually between 1 and 20.

Most restaurants are owned by Taureans and some of these are very successful. Other popular occupations for Taureans include: teachers, doctors, waste-disposal-experts, climbers, builders, plumbers, computer programmers, funeral directors and Ronald McDonald impersonators.

Elves are all born Taureans due to the Elf mating season being only a few days long towards the end of July. This interesting fact means that the average height of the Taurus male is around 4ft 3in, whilst the female average is approximately 3ft 9in.

With a good sense of humor that works as an enabler against their height deficiency, Taureans are said to be excellent lovers but for some unknown reason, lousy dancers.

Given Time, by Paul London

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