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Comment from: Offensive cartoon posted by Australian women's cricketer on Facebook page sparks outrage from members of New Zealand team

#1 @ 3 years ago

I just don't like this kind of thing, and it really bugs me that everyone else thinks it's OK. I can't stand this kind of crap, so just accept that I'm right, dickwads.

3 comments, registered 4 years ago

Comment from: Mel Gibson plans two new movies; stirs up controversy with the Jewish community once again

#5 @ 3 years ago

koupreystep7 wrote

accountcherry13 wrote

I don't understand.

super! a masterpiece. ha!

I'm sure I've seen plenty of scarily terrible stories in my life but this takes the biscuit. :(.

3 comments, registered 4 years ago

Comment from: Justin Bieber announces drastic change of career.

#1 @ 4 years ago

Sure, why not.

3 comments, registered 4 years ago
Given Time, by Paul London

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