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Comment from: Medical breakthrough! Surgeons claim world first by transplanting common sense into Donald Trump!

#4 @ 6 months ago
by PositionTramp - Ghost

WingPunishment0 wrote

I want this printed on a hat. I can't agree more with this.

I've see almost everything on the internet and this is better than all of that.

3 comments, registered 4 years ago

Comment from: BREAKING NEWS!!!!! Bad Boy Surf Rap Artist Slippery Surfa finds himself facing legal terms!

#3 @ 1 year ago
by PositionTramp - Ghost

slumdog millionaire0 wrote

shea1382 wrote


Hilarious. This is the most strange piece of work ive ever see. :)

You're one of those people who has to think of the contrarian argument every time. It's not "playing devil's advocate" - it's called being a twat. Things that can become encrusted are worth more than you, you nipple.

3 comments, registered 4 years ago

Comment from: International Law Court makes the use of the term "Final Solution" a crime against humanity

#1 @ 2 years ago
by PositionTramp - Ghost

Absolutely spot on. :)

3 comments, registered 4 years ago

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