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Burning Bush

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Remember that age old biblical tale about Moses and the Burning Bush, and those wonderful lyrics of ABBA's Waterloo, "...history's repeating itself..."? Well if Mr. Bush didn't know these two things last month, he certainly does now!

It seems that Mr. Gore's still a bit upset about that lil' ol' vote discrepancy, because shockingly at the begining of this month, Gore "kinda went a little crazy".

Whitehouse CCTV quite clearly shows Al stealthily creeping (in broad-daylight), to the oval office. As requested by Clinton there are no cameras in the oval office, so what happened next was somewhat of a mystery, but Gore came running and screaming, hair ablaze, from the office, and for some reason, fumbling with the button of his pants.

Gore then followed, sporting a rather large grin and smoking a Havana cigar. Whitehouse security was quick to respond to the attack and Gore was taken to the local prison. Gore used his phone call to contact an "old friend" in China, and soon after Gore was released from prison, having a full pardon from Mr. Bush.

Gore, who has shown no remorse to the attack, gave the following short statement - "I kinda went a little crazy. I saw Bush's face on TV for the last time. So I went looking for him. I found him, and burned him Old Testament style. I guess i'm just a stickler for irony."

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