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Led Zeppelin worst guitar riff for Whole Lotta Love

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Popular rock/skiffle group Led Zeppelin have today become honorary members of the 'worst guitar riffs' club, joining such legendary musical sources as Penn and Teller's (on their ill-fated album "If I put it up here it talks just fine") and someone called Danny Jackson. The riff in question, a seven-note lidian-cascading melody written in 1969 for song 'Whola Lotta Love', is one of writer-musician's Jimmy Page's favourites, but the world disagrees.

"When I hear it I instantly get images of Steve Wright on Top of the Pops, and want to punch out my own lights. Also, Jeff Buckley was singing it when he drowned, so I blame the awfulness of the music." - random guy on street who was shouting at cars as they passed.

This is not the first time Led Zeppelin have received bad press for their music; their best-known snub came in the 1984 movie "Wayne's World", in which it was made clear that anyone entering a guitar shop should immediately be banned from playing Stairway to Heaven. Although there are no specific mentions of the characters disliking the song, it is clear that they do, and with a passion.

"I wasn't previous aware that the song was divisive," said pop historian Arthur Felming. "Generally I've heard very positive things about the riff from Whole Lotta Love, so this one surprises me. I mean, it's catchy... sort of 'gets you' in your chest. Personally I think it's bloody wonderful. Who gives these awards?"

The award was presented 'online' by a group of people who listen to "mostly dance-hypno dubstep snaffle-pippins".

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