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The University of Boston's science director, Enrico Filmic, has today announced findings that the Faraday cage, often used in experiments including "locking in your mate to scare the willies out of him" and... well, that's about it, is not entirely suitable for caging wild and specifically endangered animals.

The suggestions have not been taken kindly by a loud minority of the scientific community, who have threatened to "quit science" in protest at the suggestions. Spokeperson Anon, told us:

"It's silly. Without the Faraday cage we'd really struggle to... well, we'd not be able to...-look, it's not what problems it might cause, it's just the principle of the matter that's at stake!"

Michael Faraday invented his cage as a way of hiding cakes from wild animals in the jungle. Since then it has been shown to have no practical application, but is sometimes pretty awesome for science displays and tutorials.

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