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Brazil World Cup to become "clothing optional" tournament

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The 2014 Brazil World Cup is set to become the first sporting tournament to feature a "clothing optional" message. In the spirit of openness, Brazilian football chiefs have decided to allow both players and spectators alike to select their level of dress during games. However, local laws mean that outside the stadia clothing must be worn as normal. Some are speculating that the move is intended to nullify the risk of disruption posed by 'streakers', but that has thus far been denied.

Gillian Rapesco told us more:

"It's quite a novel concept, but something to really liven up the games. What we're really looking forward to seeing is how people embrace this change. Like the Vuvuzelas in the South African World Cup, we're thinking this could be a great time for retailers to take advantage."

Fans, however, are less sure about the changes.

"It's all very well and good for these handsome fit footballers to be kit-less. But what about the TV personalities? The commentators? Has anyone stopped to think of the children?"

The Brazilian World Cup is set to commence in Sao Paulo on June 12.

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