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Iraq: world's best holiday destination, says Spin Doctors

story image about holiday and iraq Baghdad airport, baby! Thomas Hartwell, USAID [Public domain]
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Spin Doctors have today been touting Iraq as the world's greatest holiday destination, in spite of some folk on Twitter suggesting that this is a bad idea. America's top spin doctor, Gary Spindling PhD, has been using social media to extol the many virtues of a holiday in the arab state, claiming variously:

"You can go all around the world to find the best beaches, but Iraq's where it's at, baby!"

"Malibu? Pah. Paris? Meh. Baghdad? Yeah yeah yeah, baby!"

"I once found a baby in Iraq, baby!"

The thrust of the positivity seems aimed at Iraq's exceptionally warm weather, with forecasts showing the the country enjoys 100deg+ heat throughout most of the year, with sand-crotch as the only real drawback.

"We guarantee that your Iraq holiday will make you never want to leave! Voluntarily or otherwise! Baby!" claimed Dr Spindling.

Spin doctors throughout the west have also been working on encouraging tourism to the 'problem country'. Dr Fesser from Laughingdale, UK, was creating his own list of pros and cons for visiting Iraq.

Pros and Cons for visiting Iraq on holiday


It's totally hot, which is great.

There's little chance of being bothered by Jehovah's Witnesses.

Cheap rates & amazing deals

Grubby packs of children will follow you around like you're the messiah.

All hotels incredibly air-conditioned.


You may get ever-so-slightly injured, or possibly kidnapped. Seriously rare though. Not a related point: but that's how I like my steak.

Other Twitter users were less enthusiastic than Drs Spindling and Fesser, with one user claiming that visiting Iraq was "like going down on your girl when her Aunt Flo's in town".

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