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Bulgarian Track hottie to pose nude for men's magazine

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Bulgarian Track hottie Ivet Lalova is set to pose nude for the Bulgarian men’s magazine Seksi Momicheta. The 32 year-old Lalova who couldn't medal in any race in which she competed at the Olympics but who still managed to keep scores of amorous men's hearts racing because of her stunning good looks and gorgeous body which is decorated with a sexy navel tattoo, in an interview with the Sofia Times had this to say:

"I know that I couldn't win any medals at the Olympics but at least I have still managed to win a huge legion of male fans. I know that a lot of people would find what I am about to do offensive and degrading, but the thing is I am not the only athlete to do this. The great Russian gymnast Svetlana Khorkina once posed nude for the Russian edition of Playboy in 1997, so in a way I'll be just like her. In addition to which, at age 32, I may never have such an opportunity to do this again. The next Olympics I'll be 36. So I may not compete. And of course, the one million euro offer was hard to turn down. I have never made that much in endorsements seeing that I seldom win on the track."

One Bulgarian feminist named Aleksandra Ivanova writing on her website had this to say regarding Lalova:

"So we have a girl who represents the Bulgarian national flag whenever she competes, who is yet to win a medal from an Olympics or a World Championships and instead of promising to improve on her performances or more specifically her under-performances, decides to degrade herself by posing nude for the amorous eyes of scores of lustful men. Then she has the audacity to compare herself to Svetlana Khorkina. At least Svetlana knew how to win medals. Gold ones too."

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Come on, this is shite. Do not fall for it; stop feeding the troll.

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This is absolute bullshit.

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