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Cris Cyborg wants to fight winner of Nunes vs. Pennington in unification "super-bout"

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The "Baddest woman on the planet," Cris Cyborg, says that she wants to take on the winner of tonight's UFC 224 fight between current Bantamweight Champion and fellow Brazilian Amanda "Lioness" Nunes and Racquel "Rocky" Pennington in a unification "super-bout".

Speaking to today, hours before the Nunes-Pennington clash, Cyborg had this to say:

"Tonight's fight is going to be something special because for Amanda, if she wins it will be her third successful defense and the most in the Bantamweight Division since the Ronda Rousey era."

She went on:

"But one has to ask though, how good were those opponents that Amanda has fought? Apart from perhaps Valentina Shevchenko, how challenging were those opponents? Were they of any real quality? While I am in no way trying to discredit her accomplishments, one must argue that the so-called competition that she faced wasn't what one would call real competition. So one must conclude that she became Champion in an era when the Bantamweight Division was weak."

The reigning Featherweight Champion, who had a devastating first round win in her last bout over Yana Kunistskaya at UFC 222, continued:

"That is why I am challenging the winner of tonight's fight to a unification super-bout to see who really is the best woman fighter on the planet. I don't care who wins because frankly speaking, I know for a fact that I can beat both women. Although, to tell you the truth, I would rather fight my compatriot Amanda for the title in our native Brazil."

Asked why she would rather fight Amanda, Cyborg replied:

"To prove to the world that she is not really the lioness that she claims to be and that the Cyborg will turn her into a beaten, pathetic, helpless little kitten."

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#1 @ 6 years ago
by Marshall_R - Ghost

I can't agree morew ith this.

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by lawyer town - One-off wonder


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#3 @ 6 years ago

i doubt this is right. edited: sorry, doubtful post!

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