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F1 Sprint to last 14 days in new shake-up

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LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM - In a move that has divided the Formula 1 community, the new format for six F1 sprint races in 2023 has been officially announced.

Departing from the traditional two-day format, the new-look race weekends will now include fourteen days of action, with the sprint race taking place over the first three days.

The change has been met with mixed reactions from F1 drivers and fans alike, with some praising the decision as a necessary shake-up, while others are wary of how it will impact the already grueling F1 calendar.

The sprint races, which will now offer a single 100-kilometer race on the first day, are seen as an opportunity to bring more excitement and unpredictability to the sport.

In response to the announcement, seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton quipped, "Bring it on! I have no problem sprinting all over the competition. I'll be ready to take on the challenge in 2023."

While Hamilton seems excited about the new format, others are not so sure. "The drivers are already putting their bodies through an incredible amount of stress, and adding an extra fortnight of racing seems a little brash," said one F1 fan.

Adding to the uncertainty, rumors have already begun to swirl about which celebrities will be involved in the inaugural sprint races. Some have suggested that pop superstar Ed Sheeran may perform at one of the events-not as a singer, but as an actual racer. While others have speculated that the royal family could attend as part of a sponsored appearance.

"It's only a matter of time before the King of England shows up with a bottle of champagne, ready to congratulate the winner," said one fan. "And probably some ferrero rocher."

As for Hamilton, he seems unfazed by the potential celebrity appearances, stating, "I just want to focus on the racing. But if Ed Sheeran shows up, maybe we can do a duet after the victory, and he can sit on my apex."

With the new format still months away, it remains to be seen how the teams and drivers will adapt to the change. But one thing is for certain " the 2023 F1 sprint races are sure to provide plenty of excitement, both on and off the track.

As one fan put it, "I'm ready to see some sprinting, some singing, and hopefully a lot of champagne spraying."

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