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Football Referee makes bizarre request of team captains after losing toss coin before match

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In a somewhat bizarre occurrence, the referee in Brazil's Campeonato Série A Football League match between Santos and Corinthians lost the toss coin just moments before the scheduled kickoff. The two opposing team captains looked on in bewilderment as the embarrassed match official searched frantically in his pockets for the coin. He even went as far as to remove his shoes and socks with the hope that it would have been there. Unfortunately, he had no luck whatsoever in retrieving the lost coin.

So with time going and the anxious spectators and players growing increasingly impatient over the footballing faux pas, the quick-thinking ref decided to use an alternative method to determine which team will attack which goal - request that the two team captains play Rock-Paper-Scissors.

Speaking to reporters after the game which ended in a 1-1 draw, referee Lucio Simao said this:

"Everything appeared to be set and in place for the match to kick off promptly at its scheduled time. I was under the impression that I had everything that I needed to officiate the game:- my whistle, my little notebook, my pen, my yellow and red cards and the all-important coin. I remember placing the coin in my front left pants pocket. The only conclusion I can draw for it getting lost is that I probably didn't put it in deep enough and it fell out as I took out my handkerchief which was in the same pocket, to wipe the sweat off my face because it was a very hot afternoon."

He continued:

"The teams and the referee assistants accompanied me out onto the field. I went to the centre circle with the two opposing captains for the coin toss and the flag exchange. I dug into my left pocket first because that is where I usually keep the coin but I didn't feel it. I then did the logical thing and checked the other pocket. Nothing. I then became frantic. I dug in the pockets again to see if I had dug deep enough. I even took off my shoes to see if it was there. No luck. I knew that the players and spectators were growing impatient. I had to think fast. Then suddenly and miraculous idea hit me - have the opposing team captains play Rock-Paper-Scissors to determine who will attack which goal. I told the captains what happened and the great suggestion. Initially they thought that it was a joke but I told them that I was very serious and they obliged."

Simao went on:

"The Corinthians captain won the RPS showdown when he did scissors and the Santos captain did paper."

Asked if he thought that the RPS showdown could be a legitimate alternative to the coin toss in the event of similar occurrences like what happened to him, Simao replied:

"Of course. I think that it is something that FIFA should consider in order to avoid similar embarrassing situations like what happened to me in the future. In fact, tomorrow I plan to write Mr. Infantino with that proposal to see if the FIFA Council can make it official."

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