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France may reconsider having women in the military following latest attack

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France may reconsider having women in the military following the latest attack in which a man wrestled a female soldier to the ground at the Orly Airport in Paris and tried to steal her rifle before he was shot dead by her male colleagues. Speaking to Le Parisien after Saturday’s incident, the Secretary General for National Defence and Security Louis Gauthier had this to say:

“The young lady was left traumatized by the whole incident and right now is undergoing counseling. She clearly felt that she let herself, her colleagues and ultimately her country down. When I tried to speak to her after the incident she was sobbing uncontrollably. This is proof that the military is not a place for women because eventually the young lady officer needed her male comrades to defend her. Now tell me, do you really think that a woman can match a male fighter in any form of hand to hand combat? Regardless of how strong or brave she thinks she is, a male will always have the advantage because by nature men are stronger. I know that I will upset a lot of feminists by saying that, but the truth will always hurt. After the first round of the elections which are coming up soon, I intend to bring a petition to Parliament seeking for women to be debarred from the military. I know that I may sound sexist, but war and combat are men’s domains and no woman should risk life and limb to indulge in it.”

Mr. Gauthier went on:

“The feminists are going to ask me: “But what about our Patron Saint Jeanne d’ Arc? Wasn’t she a great female warrior?” Perhaps. But those were different times. Jeanne d' Arc lived in the 15th century and the circumstances were entirely different. Do you really think that Jeanne d’ Arc would stand a chance today against an ISIS militant in hand to hand combat? She would need a whole legion of angels to help her. That’s why I am dreading what would happen if Mademoiselle Le Pen wins the election. We would need more than Jeanne d’ Arc or the angels to help us. We would need God himself.”

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There is sum super stories on the web, but this is totally droll. How amusing.

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Mark Base wrote

There is sum super stories on the web, but this is totally droll. How amusing.



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