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Teen Jason Jeffmore was 'Twitterrested' today, by an online vigilante force, after attempting to claim "Gandhi was not all that. He was a punk, yeah?". Jeffmore, 15, was immediately set upon by online guardians of justice, who told him to "Shut it!" and "Get yourself some education!", which soon escalted into a full-on Twitter ruckus, in which it was claimed that he was under "Twitterest".

"It all started out lightly," said one Twitterati poster @SmallFrogsLoverButNotInThatWay. "This Jeffmore character said something pretty obnoxious, and people piled on, but this whole Twitterest thing was something else. I didn't even know the term existed, but apparently it means that he needs to apply for Faceparole, which he might get if he can put up a Flickrbond."

Jeffmore's parents are said to be disgusted in the outcome of the events, with they themselves posting to their Facebook account the following update:

"Can't understand why Jason's having all this said about him. Totally unfair. Gandhi wore a nappy, for heaven's sake - and our Jason stopped wearing those last summer."

As usual, Gandhi's PR company was unavailable for comment, which in itself is something Mr Jeffmore's defenders have seized upon as proof of something or other.

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