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Hope Solo and Alex Morgan to pursue careers as Porn Stars

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In a move that has stunned the footballing world, two of the biggest female stars in football - Hope Solo and Alex Morgan who were part of the U.S. women's World Cup triumph in Canada last year and in the 2012 London Olympics have said that they will be retiring from the sport with immediate effect to pursue careers as Porn Stars. Speaking to this reporter, an elated Solo - a two time World Cup Golden Glove winning goalie said, "I know that this is going to come as a huge shock to our many fans but we had to think about our futures. What do you think would happen if anyone of us sustain a serious career-ending injury?"

Morgan said, "it is a well known fact that female soccer players don't get paid as lucratively as their male counterparts. It's been that way from time immemorial and it is never going to change. That's why we came to this decision after much thought. I even tried to convince another team mate, my good friend Sydney Leroux, to join us seeing that she has such a nice big pair of tits and would obviously do well in the adult industry but she didn't like the idea."

Both Solo and Morgan stated that the U.S. women's team coach Jill Ellis was very supportive of their decision and that she wished them well in their new careers. She did say though that their departure would leave a huge void to fill in the team especially with the Olympics a little under two months away. Solo said that filming for the upcoming X-rated movie in which both Morgan and herself will star is expected to begin next month. Their onscreen names will be Hope So Horny and Alexandra Morgasm. While she did not reveal much detail about the first film they are going to be in, she did say that the title will be enticingly called ' How Chicks Score.'

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There are all sorts of reasons to detest you, and this is one. I'm sure I've witness too many scarily terribl pieces of work on this here interweb but this makes me cry.

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