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Marine Le Pen sparks controversy over racially-insensitive tweet about French National Under-20 Football team

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French Far-Right Politician Marine Le Pen has sparked controversy once again. This time it is over a racially-insensitive tweet she made about the country's national under-20 football team which was eliminated from the World Cup on Thursday following a 2-1 round of 16 loss to Italy.

Following the result of the match which was played at the Cheonan Sports Complex in South Korea, the candid politician and former Presidential Candidate tweeted on her Twitter feed @MLP_officiel:

"I got up early this morning to take in the under-20 World Cup round of 16 match between our national team and Italy and I found out something very disturbing. The so-called French players don't look very French to me. For a moment I thought that I was watching the Malian National team play the Italians."

Many Twitter users were outraged by the tweet with a lot of them calling it "racist" and "hateful." Some even called on the Politician to publicly apologize.

Ms. Le Pen, never one to apologize or back down, responded with another tweet:

"Just imagine, not too long ago some of our country's soldiers were wounded in Mali in a mortar attack which was orchestrated by al-Qaeda-linked militants and instead of showing sympathy for our soldiers, people are attacking me for speaking the truth about our national under-20 football team. Well folks, this is the new politically correct France in which we live - a country where people's feelings take top priority over the concern for the safety and well-being of our Military personnel around the world."

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