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Mexican paper company now manufacturing toilet paper with Trump's face on it

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A leading Mexican paper company is showing its disdain for Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump in a nasty way - literally. The CEO of Mexipapel - Jose Duarte, speaking to journalists said: "I am proud to let you know that Mexipapel has started making toilet paper with Donald Trump's face on it." Mr. Duarte further went on to say that the brand goes by the English name "Dump Trump" toilet paper and apart from the paper itself, the packaging also carries Trump's image along with the English Language slogan: "Use Trump after taking a dump."

Questioned further about what prompted the move and if he thinks that the initiative will be successful, Mr. Duarte responded: "Of course it would be. In fact, it already has been. Just Monday when the product hit the supermarkets, it sold out within one hour." One person who was quite elated about the "Dump Trump" toilet paper brand was former President Vicente Fox.

Speaking in a telephone interview, Mr. Fox said: "Using "Dump Trump" is basically the way all Mexicans feel about that racist bigot. I personally have bought ten bales. Just yesterday I had a bout of diarrhoea after eating two spicy burritos and I must say that it felt great after using "Dump Trump." I really hope that I get another bout of diarrhoea soon."

Even the current President Enrique Pena Nieto writing on his Facebook page said: "This "Dump Trump" product has definitely united Mexico. I would really love to meet Mr. Trump personally to tell that evil gringo how we the Mexican people feel about him. I sincerely hope that Hillary whips his ass come November."

Contacted to give his opinion on this latest development, Mr. Trump said: "So we have a country with one of the highest crime rates in the world - especially homicides, who are sending criminals illegally across the border who kill innocent Americans and instead of focusing and trying to deal with the problems in their own country, they are obsessing over insulting me. That's why the wall will go up when I win the Presidency and Mexico will pay for it."

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