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Mexico to deport 1000 Guatemalans in the next week in illegal immigrant crackdown

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Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto says that his Government will deport one thousand Guatemalans who are living in his country illegally within the next week. In a nationally televised address, Mr. Nieto said:

"My fellow citizens, I the President of this great nation must inform you that Mexico is a sovereign state which has laws and they must be adhered to otherwise those found guilty of breaking them will suffer the consequences. It is a well-known fact that there are scores of Guatemalan immigrants who are here illegally and many are doing menial jobs which are low paying. That said, the Government of Mexico is of the view that those jobs may as well go to a Mexican national. Is there a job that an illegal Guatemalan can do that a Mexican can't? I want all Guatemalans living here illegally to know that this is not about xenophobia or anti-Guatemalan sentiment. This is about putting the welfare of the Mexican people first. If I as the dearly elected President of Mexico don't put my countrymen first, who is going to? Donald Trump?"

The President continued:

"We all know how our country has been badly affected by the brain-drain. So many of our skilled people leave the land of their birth. The country that nurtured them, educated them, gave them life, a culture and a language, to go to Uncle Sam's country where they end up facing so many problems. Especially racism from gringos like Senor Trump. But of course the racism is not only from the gringos; many Africanos Americanos despise our people too. Many of them say that if it weren't for our people coming to their country, they would be getting the jobs that Mexicans get. It's funny though that many of them never know that there are jobs available in their own country until a Mexican gets them."

Nieto did extend his gratitude towards the Guatemalans though, as he went on:

"But back to the Guatemalans. I have to say to them a heartfelt thank you for the contribution that they have made to our society. But as a proud Mexican I have to say that all Guatemalans who are here illegally will be rounded up and promptly deported. I have already received information from the Mexican Immigration Authority and they have provided me with a list of a thousand of them who are to be deported."

Nieto concluded:

"This is just the start of us making our country great again like in the pre-Cortes era when our great ancestors the Olmecs, Izapas, Teotihuacans, Mayans, Zapotecs, Mixtecs, Huastecs, Pur├ępechas, Totonacs, Toltecs and Aztecs ruled. Never again must another Hernan Cortes come to our land and take advantage of us, defeat us and ultimately rule us like what happened five hundred years ago. Even if the new Cortes doesn't look like an Espanole. Viva Mexico!"

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i just do not get it. and your point is? :)

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barbarabenjamin wrote

i just do not get it. and your point is? :)


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