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1. Just like Spain four years ago and Italy in 2010, Germany proved that Defending Champions are now doomed to exit the World Cup at the group stage.

2. As the Defending Champions, not winning your opening game at the World Cup is usually a bad omen.

3. The two biggest stars in the modern game - Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo - have shown that they are also the biggest chokers on the world stage.

4. Mexico is the only CONCACAF team to consistently advance from the group stage at World Cups.

5. Being knocked out in the round of 16 for the seventh consecutive World Cup, however, would probably leave them feeling a bit frustrated.

6. The English have proven that no matter how long it has lasted, penalty shootout curses can be broken.

7. Two-nil is the most dangerous lead for the team in front as the Japanese have proven.

8. No one is afraid of Spain and their tiki-taka style of football anymore.

9. Racking up too many yellow cards can be detrimental to your team. Just ask the Senegalese.

10. The last European host country to beat Croatia at the World Cup went on to win the tournament. That was France in the 1998 semifinals.

11. Does it mean that if Russia beats Croatia on Saturday then………….oh never mind.

Given Time, by Paul London Given Time, by Paul London

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#1 @ 4 years ago
by deer-unit252 - Ghost


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#2 @ 4 years ago

deer-unit252 wrote


whatever? there is nothing more offputting than people spouting about things they clearly know nothing about.

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#3 @ 4 years ago
by David Bowie333 - Ghost


deer-unit252 wrote


whatever? there is nothing more offputting than people spouting about things they clearly know nothing about.

This awful blows, and you know it. Here is the clear master of deflecting attention.

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Given Time, by Paul London

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