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Netherlands' Coach Blind following impressive win over Germany: This is the start of the turnaround for Dutch Football

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An ecstatic Dutch Coach Danny Blind boldly declared at a post-match press conference following the Netherlands' emphatic demolition of former World Champions Germany in their League A Group 1 encounter in the UEFA Nations League that the result was the start of the turn-around for the Dutch National team.

The Netherlands National team which has endured a torrid four years following their third place showing at the 2014 World Cup after their failure to qualify for the Euro 2016 tournament and this year's World Cup in Russia, looked confident and dynamic against their great rivals as they claimed their first points of the UEFA Nations League Competition following their 2-1 opening game loss to World Champions France.

By contrast, the Germans' woes following their World Cup debacle continued as they have once again found themselves in an uncharacteristic position just like in Russia this past summer - bottom-last in a group.

This is what Blind had to say following the game:

"I am quite satisfied with this result. I couldn't have asked for anything more from my boys. They did everything to perfection today. The headed goal from Van Dijk was the perfect start that we wanted and it was no looking back from there. We simply run the Germans rugged which is something that they usually do to us. In fact, this was our first victory over Germany since November 2002 so it was a big relief for us."

He continued:

"I am of the belief that this is definitely the start of the turnaround for Dutch Football. And with the Euro 2020 Qualifiers scheduled for next year we are going to make sure that we do not miss out on another major tournament."

He concluded:

"And to tell you the truth, beating Germany - a team that has caused us so much heartache in the past, is quite an ecstatic feeling indeed. All we have to do now is figure out a way to win the amount of titles that they have won."

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#1 @ 4 years ago
by WAX VESSEL - Ghost

there's something in here that intrigues me... and i think it's how on earth anyone can seen it without dying from boredom.

3 comments, registered 9 years ago
#2 @ 4 years ago
by reading meeting658 - Ghost

No, you can't be serious. Seriously? This is total bullshit. I just dont like this kind of thing, and it really bugs me that everyone else thinks it's OK.

2 comments, registered 8 years ago

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