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Nicole Kidman hits out at Margot Robbie

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In a shocking revelation that is set to be another big Hollywood scandal, Australian actress Nicole Kidman has hit out at her compatriot and fellow actress Margot Robbie. Speaking to Star Power Magazine, the former Mrs. Tom Cruise had this to say:

"I really can't understand all the hype over her. She doesn't seem like anything special to me. Sure she's much younger than me but she must have had some cosmetic procedure done to her face. She honestly can't naturally be that pretty. This is a girl who people only took notice of when she acted that slutty role in The Wolf of Wall Street. Is that the way she wants her fans to remember how she came to prominence? "

Told by reporter John Smith that Ms. Robbie is having one of the best years of her career so far with a role opposite Tina Fey in Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, the part of Jane in The Legend of Tarzan and Harley Quinn in the soon to be released Suicide Squad, Ms. Kidman responded:

"So? And how many times has she been nominated for or won an Oscar? When she gets nominated for and wins an Oscar for Best Actress like I did in 2003 for playing Virginia Woolf in The Hours then you can tell me that she had a good year."

Mr. Smith was quick to state that Ms. Robbie is still relatively young and that her time for winning acting accolades may eventually come one day. Ms. Kidman had this response:

"Of course it would. Right after her leaked sex-video which will somehow help to enhance her career."

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fitzpatrick182 wrote


Well, I laughed. There is some beautiful items and comments on the web, but this is so hilarious.

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d-woodward-mooney777 wrote

fitzpatrick182 wrote


Well, I laughed. There is some beautiful items and comments on the web, but this is so hilarious.

Whatevr you say, charlie. Yeah, whatevr.

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