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Ronaldo taunts Messi on Facebook

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Fresh off the most successful year of his career so far, Cristiano Ronaldo has resorted to puerile tactics in order to get under the skin of his great rival Lionel Messi. Writing on Messi's Facebook wall, the recently crowned FIFA Ballon d'Or winner had this to say:

"This is what a successful year looks like. Three-time Champions League winner, Euro 2016 winner and now four-time FIFA Ballon d'Or winner. Tough luck Lionel. But if you had only taken the opportunities that you had in the Copa America final, you may have been enjoying basking in the glory of this win. But I guess not everyone is destined to win major trophies with his country."

Accompanying the quote was a photo of Ronaldo in his tuxedo holding the prestigious Ballon d'Or prize.

Messi in his defence responded:

"With all due respect Cristiano, I don't have to stoop so low and bring down people in order to build up my fragile ego. I always let my feet do the talking on the pitch."

Ronaldo had this clever reply:

"If that is the case Lionel, then why is it that you have failed to win a trophy with your national team despite making three major finals in consecutive years?"

Messi has yet to respond to Ronaldo. Another reliable source indicated that the Argentine has blocked his Portuguese rival from his Facebook page.

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