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Ronda Rousey sparks Twitter war with Amanda Nunes three weeks before big showdown

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Former UFC Women's Bantamweight Champion Ronda Rousey has sparked a Twitter war with current Champion - Brazilian Amanda Nunes, who she faces in a title bout on December 30 at UFC 207 in Las Vegas, Nevada, by referring to her as a "man". In a brazen tweet on her Twitter page @RondaRousey, the 2008 Olympic Bronze Medalist who surrendered her title in November last year at UFC 193 in a shocking second round loss to Holly Holm said:

"I've never fought a man before but on December 30th I am going to make history by becoming the first woman to knock out a man in an official MMA bout and retake my title in the process."

Nunes, in her response @AmandaNunes said:

"Miss One Trick Pony, braggart extraordinaire and cry cry baby Ronda Lousy should be the last person on earth to insult me by calling me a man and to boast about winning on the 30th seeing what happened to her the last time she fought and the way I utterly destroyed Miesha Tate and left her a bloody mess in my last bout. And since Ronda said that she had thoughts of committing suicide after her loss to Holly, when I am done with her on the night of the 30th she'll have another chance to consider it."

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by Can7 - Ghost

Oh boy... :)

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Can7 wrote

Oh boy... :)

Nice work, funny type person.

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by eoin colfer7 - Ghost

Can7 wrote

Oh boy... :)

have a feeling i am not the true audience for this.


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