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Swedish Prime Minister tells country's women to dress more modestly to avoid immigrant sexual attacks

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Sweden's Prime Minister Stefan Löfven is advising the country's native women that in order to avoid being targeted by the Middle Eastern and North African immigrants who are responsible for most of the sexual attacks in the Nordic nation, they need to cover their heads and wear more modest clothing. In a televised address to the nation last night, Mr. Löfven said:

"My dear female compatriots I know that you are feeling a bit worried by the amount of sexual assaults that have been perpetrated by these Middle Eastern and North African immigrants against native Swedish women. But you must understand that these people come from a totally different culture. In their culture it is unacceptable for a woman to have her head uncovered if she is out in public. She is also forbidden to wear shorts skirts and any short-sleeved tops which may play a vital role in getting a man sexually aroused. It is imperative therefore that you understand the immigrants’ culture in order to know how they behave and how you must dress.”

Mr. Löfven continued:

"You can't just wear what you want in public where you may have to come into contact with these men and not expect to suffer the consequences. If you are out in public and are immodestly dressed, those immigrant men may mistake you for a prostitute and you stand the risk of getting raped. And guess whose fault would it be if that happens? If you are guessing that it would be your own fault then you are absolutely correct. I just want you women of this beautiful, liberal country to know that I have your best interest at heart that is why I am telling you this. It is so easy to avoid a rape or a sexual assault. Just don't wear any apparel that is considered immodest in public. Wear long, loose-fitting apparel and make sure that your arms and legs are completely covered. If you have long blonde hair, cut it short, dye it black and wear a hat. And if you are amply endowed - tape down your breasts and wear a coat. And don't go out in public by yourselves. If you have a job, resign it and sign up for Government welfare. What is the sense in risking your personal safety to go to work? But if you feel you must have a job, make sure that at least two male companions accompany you to and from work.”

The Prime Minister then spoke of the coming seasons:

"I have to let you women know that the public dress code which I spoke about in this address is not just applicable to the winter season, but it will also be in effect in the spring and the other seasons. I can guarantee you that if native Swedish women follow precisely what I say, there will be no more rapes and sexual assaults in this country and we will all live happily in a wonderful multicultural utopia. Thank you my dear compatriots and good night.”


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by daughter-red panda7 - Ghost

How amusing.

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by Finch Faucet1965 - Ghost

daughter-red panda7 wrote

How amusing.

Amazing! A masterpiece.

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