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Tonya Evinger questions Cris Cyborg's gender following devastating UFC 214 loss

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Tonya Evinger, who suffered a devastating third round TKO loss at the hands of Cris Cyborg last night at UFC 214 for the vacant Women's Featherweight belt, is questioning the Brazilian's gender saying that she isn't sure whether or not she fought a "real woman".

Speaking to UFC Magazine moments after she was defeated by the Brazilian who is regarded by many as the "baddest woman on the planet," Evinger was quite candid in her assessment as she said:

"Look, I know that I lost big time and frankly speaking I really don't want to sound like a sore loser here, but what I found quite shocking was the way she punches. Her punches really hurt you. I am still in pain right now and I think that it may take more than a week for that pain to stop. In fact, I don't think that even Laila Ali in her boxing heyday could have punched so hard."

Evinger went on:

"You all can say what you want about me, but to be honest; I don't think that Cris really is who she appears to be in terms of her real gender. She is super-strong and her fists are like iron. This just can't be normal for a woman. In fact, I am beginning to question whether or not it was a real woman who I fought tonight. I took a slight glimpse at the front of her shorts and I could have sworn that I saw a bulge in the middle."

She concluded:

"Personally I think that she should be gender-tested just like they did to Caster Semenya, the South African track star some years ago, to determine whether or not she is eligible to compete against real women because she definitely seems to have an unfair advantage in the Octagon. If the UFC refuses to ban her then maybe they should include an additional Transgender Division for people like her and Fallon Fox. After all it's only fair, right?"

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#1 @ 5 years ago
by BarajasL54 - Ghost

there's something in here that intrigues me... and i think it's how on earth anyone can read it without dying from boredom.

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