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Trump blamed for American travelers not being able to enter Iran

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American President Donald Trump is under fire once again over his anti-immigrant policies. The latest controversy? American travelers being unable to enter Iran. Many Americans journeying to the country - long seen as an enemy of the United States, expressed outrage towards Trump at being denied entry and being put on the next plane back to the United States. One such traveler was Paul Bauer, the younger brother of Shane Bauer who was detained in Iran back in 2009 along with fiancé Sara Shourd and Josh Fatal after accidentally crossing over into Iran after a hiking exhibition in neighbouring Iraq went awry.

Speaking to The Washington Post, Bauer didn't mince words as he let President Trump know emphatically how he felt.

"Due to the divisive policies of President Trump I was denied entry into Iran. I was told emphatically by the Iranian authorities that no Americans will be allowed to enter the country. I wanted to go on a hiking expedition and now thanks to Trump I may never be able to fulfill my goal of hiking in an exotic location. Thank you Mr. Trump for helping to ostracize Americans more."

President Trump, never one to back down from a battle of words, responded to Mr. Bauer with his usual Twitter postings:

"So Mr. Bauer is blaming me for not being able to fulfill his goal of hiking in an "exotic location" eh? If Mr. Bauer was aware of history, he would have known that Iran is a country with a lot of anti-American sentiment which started in 1979. Didn't he learn anything from the experiences of his brother, Sara and Josh? And if Mr. Bauer really wanted to hike in an exotic location, what is wrong with Machu Picchu? But of course I being the American President, will be made the scapegoat for everything now. Maybe I shouldn't have suggested that he travel to Machu Picchu because now I will be accused of being a dictator. How dare me to suggest to someone where to travel for their own personal safety and freedom. It's so Un-American of me."

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#1 @ 3 months ago
by Planes_Debt - Ghost

That's what she said. I very much love the things on laughsend.

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#2 @ 3 months ago
by recordperson - Ghost

Planes_Debt wrote

That's what she said. I very much love the things on laughsend.

There are plenty of gorgeous things inside online stories about this,, but this makes me weep. :)

4 comments, registered 11 months ago
#3 @ 3 months ago
by Elsa-Chase - One-off wonder

I enjoy this. Hey - I thought it was great.

1 comment, registered 9 months ago
#4 @ 3 months ago
by patricia_gay-ali - One-off wonder

recordperson wrote

Planes_Debt wrote

That's what she said. I very much love the things on laughsend.

There are plenty of gorgeous things inside online stories about this,, but this makes me weep. :)

Stop feedin the troll.

1 comment, registered 6 months ago
#5 @ 1 month ago

This is the funnist item I've ever seen online. :)

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