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Today, 11th April 2024


06:00 Wake up losers News / political programme
08:30 Norma Genital health show
09:00 Holiday slums wish you were there Current / consumer affairs
09:45 Councils and how they (don't) work Current / consumer affairs
10:30 Loose men Current / consumer affairs
11:30 Not the whole penny Current / consumer affairs
12:30 News in the Afternoon News / political programme
13:00 And in the morning the rash should be gone Soap
13:30 The street where you live Soap
14:00 I just want my money, that's all Auction show
15:00 Avery does crime & time Crime / Murder mystery Series
16:00 The investigator did it Crime / Murder mystery Series
16:30 Hands-down pants-down Quiz show
17:00 News close to you News / political programme
17:30 News in the Evening News / political programme
19:00 All this used to be fields Soap
19:30 People who live next door Soap
20:00 No leg to stand on Current / consumer affairs
20:30 If it moves - kill it, screw it or give it up for adoption Soap
21:00 I done killed the witch Documentary
22:00 Surely it's too late for news?! News / political programme
22:30 The garrulous inner workings of Michael Foster Historical / Period Drama Series
23:30 Do what you gotta do Hospital drama
00:30 Mary Russo Chat show

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